Since June 2022 Apple introduced new limitation for new device registrations. It results in long processing time (up to 3 days), when device is registered, but "processing" for provisioning profile issuance, and then in possible "ineligible" status that will last from 7 to 30 days, which results in up to 33 days of inability to use services because of Apple limitation.

This situation is normal from now on, please wait, once these days have passed, limitation will be lifted. Services can not be extended because of it, because your device is already registered, but limited. This is not under our control. 

Refunds during this period will be rejected.

This also applies to private developer accounts that are in use since October 2022. Unlike PROs, after limitation will be lifted, your account should not be revoked. Feel free to contact Apple Developer Support regarding question of this limitation nature and lifting of it immediately, as you have paid to Apple for services that are not working! We will be glad to hear some statistics from you! The more requests Apple will get, the faster they will stop to use these practices.